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Tel.: 00386 31 317 432
Tel.: 00386 40 688 888

Vehicle servicing and maintenance

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Tel.: 00386 41 623 850

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Who we are

The company has been working in the field of dismantling used motor vehicles (IMV) and preparation of raw materials for recycling and the sale of still used parts for more than 30 years, while providing quality and fast services. We have over 1000 vehicles in stock, in an area of 10,000 m2.

The company operates in accordance with all regulations and environmental standards, and has obtained all permits and environmental permits for the plant for the dismantling of used motor vehicles. As it is primarily engaged in the management of end-of-life vehicles, which represent hazardous waste, the company is seriously aware of the importance of environmentally friendly operations. As an environmentally friendly company, with their activity in the field of decommissioning of end-of-life vehicles, they represent an important link in the process of recycling waste to obtain secondary resources and thus further contribute to the circular economy.

Certificate of excellence

Sale of damaged and defective vehicles

We sell damaged and defective vehicles: You can see the ads of the vehicles at:

Tel.: 00386 41 623 850



In the event of a breakdown or traffic accident, we offer assistance on the road or towing your vehicle. We also offer you the removal of old vehicles intended for dismantling. 

Tel.: 00386 41 623 850

Baza Bar

We invite you, to the newly renovated – BAZA BAR, at the company’s headquarters, where you can relax in a beautiful and peaceful ambiance, while waiting for any services that we offer.

Purchase of damaged and defective vehicles

We buy all types of vehicles up to 13 years of age. We buy all types of defective, damaged or crashed vehicles, as well as vehicles that are not well-preserved.

Tel.: 00386 41 623 850


We offer rent-a-car for the following vehicles:


How to find us

JEDLOVNIK 1A, 2201 Zg. Kungota
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