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ACŠ AVTOMOBILI d.o.o. is the registered operator of the plant for dismantling of used vehicles and a collector of end-of-life vehicles at a collection point in Zgornja Kungota. The main activity of the company is registered with the code G 45.320 – Retail trade of spare parts and accessories for motor vehicles.


Tel.: 00386 31 317 432
Tel.: 00386 40 688 888

The main activity of the company is the handling of used vehicles and/or the decomposition of end-of-life vehicles, which is carried out as a recycling process according to the following steps:


  1. Collection of end-of-life vehicles;
  2. Transport of motor vehicles;
  3. Registration in the system and issuance of certificates to vehicle owners;
  4. Drying or removal of pollutants and hazardous substances;
  5. Decommissioning of components for re-use and further use;
  6. Storage and processing of waste in accordance with the waste hierarchy;
  7. Disposal of residual waste for further processing and recovery of secondary waste

raw materials (crushing).


Used vehicles may be disposed of in accordance with the fourth paragraph of Article 8 of the Decree on end-of-life vehicles exhibited only in registered dismantling facilities. When the vehicle is used it is forbidden to leave it in the natural environment, discard it, dismantle it or otherwise to act in an uncontrolled manner. The owner of the vehicle must deliver the used vehicle to the registered acquirer. Disassembly of vehicles is part of the processing. End-of-life vehicles and their parts may only be taken over by a registered and authorized company. In accordance with the above, the company ACŠ AVTOMOBILI as the operator of the plant for dismantling of end-of-life vehicles and collector of end-of-life vehicles entered in the records collectors of end-of-life vehicles with a certificate, no. 35469-75 / 2016-2 and has a use permit for the said plant for dismantling end-of-life vehicles, no. 351-167 / 2014. For this purpose, the company has an environmental permit for waste recovery under no. 35472-9 / 2013 Environmental Agency of the Republic of Slovenia.

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